Claire Peacock

Rhett: One of my favourite things about living in Saskatoon is that it can still feel like a small town. You can run into people you know regularly. I don’t think there is anyone I run into more than Claire and it always brightens … Continue reading Claire Peacock

Jordynn Thienes

Rhett: Where do I even start with this post? So many things to say about my next guest. In preparation for this I started looking through old pictures to find some good ones of Jordo and I to put up here. They are almost … Continue reading Jordynn Thienes

July 2021

I’ve got a pretty random list this month for you. To be honest, I have mostly been listening to Bo Burnham’s new special Inside on repeat since it came out. It is absolutely incredible and I recommend it to everyone. I do have a … Continue reading July 2021

Tegan Dutton

When I started planning this blog in the beginning I didn’t think I would be able to sustain the writing for very long on my own. I also recognize that I have a bias toward certain genres and styles. I hoped that people would be able to read this and not just hear my voice and opinion, but get some different points of view


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