January 2021

Here we are for round 2 of my blog!

I’ve had lots of conversations about my first post over the last few weeks and I’m happy that it sparked some joy for a few people. Thank you to everyone for checking it out and hopefully we can keep it rolling! It’s funny, while I feel that I have always thought about music in this way, having to write about it makes you really pay attention to what you are listening to and why. I’m enjoying that and it has definitely kept my mind occupied the last little while. So thank you for listening along. 

In what I am planning on being a monthly post to go along with some other segments, “What am I listening to?” is going to be a collection of songs or albums that I am currently enjoying. It doesn’t mean I think these are the best things ever written, but more of a time stamp on what I am presently into. From old to new to not fully released. I hope this can be something monthly you can turn to for finding a new song you like.

Let’s give it a go!


I alluded to this band in my first post when talking about “winter albums”. They play perfect music for the time of year when the sun is down when you get up and down again when you come home from work. When I got my very first vehicle (I hope that little car is still on the road somewhere living a good life…), I remember buying Jack Johnson’s album Sleep Through the Static. I listened to it the entire drive home from Swift Current to Climax. Every time I hear one of those songs I think of my little silver Civic. When I upgraded to my new vehicle, Pinegrove’s Skylight was that same thing for me.

This year they released Marigold, which has a very similar feel to it. Evan Stephens Hall’s voice comes at you with some angst and emotion but also has charm and warmth. To reiterate my comment in my last post, I like the raw feeling to their music. It doesn’t seem too refined or perfect which makes it more relatable. They also just released a raw studio recording album which features many of the same songs called Amperland, NY. If you like the rough around the edges feel check that out too.


I don’t know much about this girl but have been listening to the first few songs on her soon to be released album quite a bit this month. The songs are catchy and I find myself putting them on whenever I need a little pick me up. There is some soul here that I enjoy. This is already her second full album and Google tells me that she is only 20 years old. I imagine we will be hearing a lot more from her in the coming years.


Another yet to be released album that I am excited to hear more from. This is also one of those put your headphones on and get into bed kind of artist. There is always some expansive, almost floating on air feeling to her songs which puts me at ease. Another awesome album is a collaboration of Julien Baker with Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus called boygenious if you are looking for something similar. “Faith Healer” is the first song released from the album and it is a good start for me. I am hoping the rest will be similar.


The lead singer from The Lumineers puts out a solo album full of cover songs. Don’t think I need to say much else here. You know what you are going to get.


If you are looking for someone to take you back a few decades, Max Clarke the singer/songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY can get you there. I’ve seen some compare him to Buddy Holly or George Harrison as a guide for what you are going to get. I’m no expert on those two, but it definitely sounds like it is from a distant past. It reminds me of an old book that has been sitting on your shelf in the sun for a few years. Its worn, a little bent and yellow, but familiar even though you haven’t looked inside in a while. This is easy listening all the way through.


Although not the most recent album from this Canadian mainstay, it is certainly my favourite. I go back to these songs all the time. There are some catchy little guitar riffs in a lot of the songs that I really enjoy. The very first song “Alone” has this sliding guitar part that always has me doing an air guitar imitation. I have a pair of over the ear headphones and this song is great for turning on and turning up. “No Expectations” and “Way with Words” are my top songs for grooving in the kitchen while I am doing dishes. 

That’s all for now! Happy listening!


January 2021


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