Logan McBurney

Rhett: Sometimes you need a little push to get going again. I was talking to Logan at a birthday party last year and he mentioned that my blog had fallen off a cliff. I felt like my writing was redundant and I wasn’t finding any music that was inspiring me to get the blog going. He offered to write a post for me to get me motivated again. It’s that whole idea that got me wanting to write this blog in the first place. Just to share. Share the personalities of people and myself through musical taste. And not just for me to write, but to hear other voices and inspire me to listen too.

Logan is one of the funnier people I’ve ever known. I always love when Logan is around because you never know what kind of hilarity will ensue. He has a calm, easy delivery of lines and it just cracks me up. His, what I would call, “shock humour” has maybe faded with age, but he is still as witty and comical as ever. That makes me excited to look behind the curtain and see what he’s been listening to these days.

So thank you for getting me back in the saddle, Logan! Enjoy!

P.S. Logan warned me about the language in his text with this perfect line, “In the wise words of Ricky from Trailer Park Boys, “If I can’t smoke and swear I’m fucked.””

Logan: I’m so fucking happy I don’t live anywhere near Rhett. He’s one of those people that laughs with every part of his face. Those big dumb teeth let out of their cage for everyone to look at. If I had a steady diet of that in my life, I would never find hats that fit. My head would swell with every Rhett Kirk chuckle. 

A persons playlist is like a window into their heart and mind. Shows you a lot about somebodies personality. I used to keep my playlist very close to the vest. Pantera or Nirvana would flood out of my speakers.  Only a select few would get to see what I was listening to behind closed doors. Not that Pantera was real mainstream or popular but it was more socially acceptable than a video of some guy busking or a punk goes acoustic album. Self conscious of my musical tastes but I’ve showed everyone I’ve ever met my dick like it’s as normal as a fucking handshake. NEWSFLASH! My playlist is longer…… only because they don’t measure playlists in inches.

Anyways, Rhett didn’t ask me to do this but like usual, I bullied my way in. Enjoy.

Greta van fleet – “Broken Bells

Don’t be scared to give all these candlelight session songs a big thick taste. Keep the milk on hand because they are GOD DAMN SPICY! Greta doesn’t seem like something people just tolerate. You either like them or you don’t. And I fucking love them. The sound, the look. They hit every fucking note my ears need to hear. These guys are a throwback to a time in musical history when artists weren’t a dime a dozen, men were men. Men were men that looked women. Pants were tight, hair was long. I’d highly recommend running out and grabbing all the Greta vinyls you can get your hands on. If you can’t find any albums, just ask Tegan. I’m sure she will gladly give you mine. 

Lost Dog Street Band – “September Doves

I fell down one of the many cosmically deep rabbit holes YouTube sucks me into and landed on this song. Perfect 10 for sticking the landing here. The hickish hillbilly folk you probably didn’t even know you were missing in your life. Take a deep dive into their library. I did. I gobbled up all of their records and feel like my life is now better for it.

Paul Cauthen – “Slow Down”

This song is on here because I like to sing it. Same feeling you get when Creed comes on. Use your big boy voice and belt it out. I’ve never heard myself sing but in my head it sounds pretty fucking good. In reality it’s probably like a rock stuck in a brake that somehow resembles a song. 

The Misfits – “Saturday Night”

Like most people, when a certain song comes on it takes you back in time. You can’t help but be flooded with memories of yesteryear. This is that song. I’m sure most people my age would have an Usher song or “Photograph” by Nickleback. Not quite. A little horror rock to take you on a trip down memory lane. Buckle up ya fuckin weirdo. The misfits aren’t a listen to both sides of the album band. Really gotta sift through the shit to find the gems here. 

Brian Dunne – “Taxi

The lyrics of this song hit. They hit so hard. I felt every fucking word the first time I heard this. When you’re young, who the hell knows where they want to go and what they want to do when they get there? Probably lots of people but not me. This song makes me think about winging it. Figuring life out on the fly. 

Rob Riccardo – “Let It Breathe” 

Like “Lucky Man” by The Verve, this is a feel good track. Really picks you up. One of those songs a person needs when the doom and gloom clouds hang over your head. Instead of strapping on the gloves and beating the piss outta yourself, find a song like this. It helps.  

Jason Cote – “Thompson

He probably forgot I have this but why should something like this be hidden away in an old MacBook. Give the fucking people what they want, ya selfish cunt. Jason and I are very similar. Handsome, fit, funny guys with great personalities. Never mind. That’s just me. He’s a bird dicked loser without a single commendable trait. All kidding aside I believe in supporting your friends. Fuck the buddy discount, pay full price for a friends service if they have a business, buy their shit, read their fucking blogs if they write one and listen to their fucking songs if they write some. 

Hopefully these were new to somebody and if they aren’t, maybe they rekindled an old flame.


Logan McBurney


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