April 2021

How’s everybody doing? It took me a little time to get my list compiled this month but hopefully you can still find something you like here! I’ve had a few crazy weeks at work so it was nice to sit down and try and put another post together! Throw on some headphones, brew your favourite coffee, and take a stroll!


Last month I said I wanted to join a horn section. Scratch that. I think I will now dedicate my life to learning piano so I can play this intro. I’ve already put in some serious work on the air piano version and am close to mastery. My early candidate for anthem of the spring/summer this is just pure catchy goodness. Put it on early in the morning, late in the afternoon, or well into the evening. It plays well no matter the mood. 


Another top play right now from Nick Murphy, AKA “Chet Faker”. I love the simple bass line that leads the way from the start. This is an earworm that occupies my mind long after I turn it off. “Just because I feel low right now / It doesn’t mean all that I’ve got has run out” seems like advice we could all use these days. A little daily affirmation for your week ahead. 


I mentioned my emotional tie to Slow Leaves in my yearly review, but bias aside, I think his two new singles are just great tunes. Grant Davidson is a great songwriter. I’m someone who listens to full albums rather than playlists of handpicked songs from various artists. The uniqueness of each song keeps me interested when I listen to his. I like “Feel It Too” because it is a little moody (there is a baseline moodiness to his music) and more set up for a full band, which strays a bit from his more acoustic work. The guitar chords have a somewhat Spanish sound to them which I like and that little reverb thing in the intro makes me happy too. 


And just like that we are back to a softer acoustic track from Mr. Davidson. If you like dad humour you should also check out his instagram. It is filled with self-deprecation and awkward selfies. The video for “Feel It Too” will give you a good sample of what to expect. It makes me laugh quite often. Just that alone makes me want to support this guy. 


I’ve got a story for this one. When I was living in Swift Current in 2017 I got invited by some friends from home to go out to Shann and Ray Gowan’s farm for a BYOB concert. They have a beautiful little spot right on the creek and set up a big fair tent, which they also used at the Long Day’s Night Music Festival in town. Parker Millsap was the entertainment. It was a wonderful, warm, summer evening and the whole thing had an amazing intimacy to it. There might have been 60 people there total, which made it feel like a private concert. We had our cooler and chairs set up at the back so if you needed a refill it was only a quick reach away. The picture above is from that night looking at the back of the tent. I will always remember Fossum and I stepping outside the tent at the midpoint break for a leak and we see the violin player violently puking at the other end of the canvas. For a guy that was either extremely drunk or quite ill I wouldn’t have guessed based on his on stage performance. 

His newest offering was just released this week and I am already a big fan. It’s a good mix of all the things I like. “Rolling” is a perfect song to get you into it but my current favourite is “Vulnerable”, which makes me think of old orange carpet and people smoking inside. I love the line, “Sometimes your meekness / isn’t a weakness / sometimes a whisper says it all”. Go listen to his album The Very Last Day as well. I always play “Hands Up” when I’m hitting the road on a trip somewhere. Makes me feel like I’m a man on the run. START THE CAR!


APRIL 2021


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